FREE Mini-Course! Confidently design gorgeous handwovens!  

No more muddy disasters.

FREE Mini-Course: Bold and Subtle Patterns!

Have your beautiful colors ever woven up into mud? Help is here.

Learn how to create gorgeous handwoven projects designed just as you like. 

Create clear motifs or subtle, understated patterns. It's up to you!

Colorful handwovens

Maybe you've had embarrassing failures where your beautiful, bright colors wove up into a muddy, indistinct pattern. 

You tried lots of solutions, like picking contrasting colors, changing the draft, or using stripes.

But it didn't work. Your projects still came out flat and boring, or dull and gray.

Maybe you even felt like a "color idiot," like someone who's hopeless with color.

My free mini-course will stop that pain!

FREE Mini-Course: Bold and Subtle Patterns!
Tien Chiu

Hi! I'm Tien Chiu, and I'm a reformed "color idiot." I know what it's like to have color disasters, because I've had tons of them.

But I've spent thousands of hours studying color in weaving, and I've figured out the simple principles behind designing with color in handweaving. 

Since then I've won many awards for my work, written many articles for weaving magazines, and even been President of the Board at a textile museum!

In this free mini-course (a "taster" for my in-depth course, Color & Design), I'll teach you how to create beautiful projects that come out patterned exactly as you like. 

You'll discover:

  • The one property of color that makes a pattern bold or subtle
  • An easy trick to evaluate yarn colors to see if they’ll make your pattern show
  • How to know if your draft makes mud or beautiful colors

You'll get:

  • Text and video lessons about color in weaving, with lots of handwoven samples
  • Fun online exercises to practice your design skills
  • An inspirational gallery of other designers' work, so you can see how others have applied the principles in actual woven projects.

If you’ve ever thought, “I’m a color idiot,” or “I’m hopeless with color,” this mini-course is for you. 

Because there’s no such thing as a color idiot - just someone who doesn’t understand color - yet.  

Sign up now! The course is free. You’ve got nothing to lose but your fear of another color disaster. 

FREE Mini-Course: Bold and Subtle Patterns!
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